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Finding Freedom in a time of Restrictions

Here we are, the end of April 2020. This year is the beginning of new systems, behaviours and challenges. Some people are struggling more than others. I am going to admit that I belong to the privileged group. I have the chance to keep my job and also take time to meditate and express myself. I am grateful for this. Back in February, I ran to my friend's house in a mist of an anxiety attack to confess to her that I felt my life was mediocre. Little did I know that this would be my last visit to a friend's house and little did I know everything would change after this encounter. I am a housekeeper at the hospital and once we realized the seriousness of this virus, when it became confirmed as a pandemic, employees were given the indication to minimize social encounters and isolate whenever we are not working. Since the beginning of March, I only go outside to go to work or to do my groceries. Most countries are taking similar precautions. Some are making the quarantine mand