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References Around Us

Sometimes there is too much inspiration. I usually feel inspired to make fan-art of my favourite artists:  be it musicians, fashion models, Instagram influencers or even YouTubers. I allow myself to recreate their poses, use their style and main personality traits. I try as much as I can to not make an exact copy, but instead an "expression" of their style. When I was younger, my imagination was intact, there was not as much technology available and inspiration mainly came from television and comics. Even music was popular in the physical form of CDs, which gave me a great appreciation for CD cover art. During this time, my head was free to imagine, without the constant information overload we get nowadays. Growing up with fewer resources,  I came up with my own techniques. This is how I learned to use myself for reference. I could look in the mirror, or simply look at my hands, or my face, or people around me. It was a time where I managed to observe and practice drawi