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The Fool- How to hide mistakes

Hello again, I thought I would share this project with you. I want to show my process of working with a pen. Sometimes I make the mistake of not making an initial pencil sketch before I start "inking". The reason why I make this mistake (to be honest is a conscious bad decision) is because I use this method for practicing my pen skill and also work on my creative problem-solving.  Feel free to try this method: no pencil and no eraser. Straight up Ink, high chance to make mistakes but also a high chance to learn from your struggle to fix them. I have been doing this since forever, and It taught me a lot about my patience and drawing style.  When I drew the character I made a mistake with the anatomy, making the leg a bit "out of place". I used the background to blend the extra lines to the point it is camouflaged with the overall illustration. Once I coloured the image digitally you can barely see it.  I hope you find this method interesting. Don