The Eagle Hunter

Some determined and brave individuals go out hunting for savage animals,  and here I am,  hunting for "likes". I know it's dumb to compare these two very different situations, but I think it's funny to make this useless comparison because I know some artists can relate.

I am not a popular artist but I have around 600 followers on my facebook page, and I try to keep myself active in my own community. I keep my art alive by gifting my illustrations to my closest friends, I sell my artwork at very economic prices, I create and keep in rotation, I developed a system where I try not to keep too many originals with me because they are better off in display in someone's wall. Art for me is therapy, the more I draw, the more creative I become. Gifting my art to someone feels better than keeping it to myself.

Here is an illustration of a couple days ago. It's part of the character design challenge group on facebook. It has only received 5 likes so far. I am proud of this illustration because it's a new and different style. It was a practice that left me with a refreshing feeling. The original was composed of 3 colours, I scanned and photoshopped the image. It must have taken me almost 2 hours to edit because I had to make careful selections with the pen tool. I wanted to get it done as soon as I could, so I forgot to save a detailed picture of the layers and the styles (I just saved it as a PNG, so I don't even have the PS file to go back and show you). My bad... I will make sure to do so next time.

I didn't keep proper track of the time I spent in total but probably around 5 hours. It was longer than I expected. I wasn't happy with the original pencil colours, to tell you the truth I didn't want to keep drawing, I had to force myself to finish it. I knew I could edit the colours in photoshop and that's why I decided to get this drawing done. I used a lot of layers, styles and effects. I'm proud of myself, even if the illustration only got 5 likes.

Lets hunt for this feeling, of achievement, instead of hunting for likes 


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