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Colour Adjustments for Illustrations- Enhancing colours in Adobe Photoshop

Hi there! I am sharing my editing process for my scanned/digitalized illustrations. I drew Spanish musician and producer Bad Gyal . I wanted to draw her for a while, and I finally did it! I hope I will be able to make more drawings of her in the future.  What inspires me about her? Probably her original use of auto-tune, dance-hall beats, her independence and outstanding confidence. If you want to learn more about her, peep her work at This illustration was edited with 2 Adobe Photoshop adjustments that to me are essential when re-touching colours. I used colour pencils in my original drawing, therefore, some colours get washed out once scanned. Editing helps me bring out the colours and also play with different variations. It's fun to play with colours until you feel happy with the outcome, the only downside about this is that you can spend hours deciding. If you are an indecisive person, make sure you time yourself! Please be advised, I will go ove