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New blog, who's this?

Dot by dot, exploring Pointillism for the first time. O k, somehow the other day I stumbled upon the idea to start recording my illustration work again and figure out a way to slowly quit social media. I am playing with the idea of finally creating a space where people can share with me the love of illustration. I find myself struggling with my creative work due to my lack of control and overexposure to the online world, "let me look on Instagram for some inspiration before I start drawing..." ends up equaling to me looking at Instagram for hours and being unproductive. I am not sure if a lot of illustrators still use Blogger but I had an account that dates back to 2009 and it actually helped my emo teenage-self record some important life events. I am hoping having a Blogger will help my emo adult-self.   My main goal is to focus on my artwork, explore new mediums, share ideas, materials, techniques and thoughts. I want to slowly cut off my ties with social media