Finding Freedom in a time of Restrictions

Here we are, the end of April 2020. This year is the beginning of new systems, behaviours and challenges. Some people are struggling more than others. I am going to admit that I belong to the privileged group. I have the chance to keep my job and also take time to meditate and express myself. I am grateful for this.

Back in February, I ran to my friend's house in a mist of an anxiety attack to confess to her that I felt my life was mediocre. Little did I know that this would be my last visit to a friend's house and little did I know everything would change after this encounter.

I am a housekeeper at the hospital and once we realized the seriousness of this virus, when it became confirmed as a pandemic, employees were given the indication to minimize social encounters and isolate whenever we are not working.

Since the beginning of March, I only go outside to go to work or to do my groceries. Most countries are taking similar precautions. Some are making the quarantine mandatory…

References Around Us

Sometimes there is too much inspiration. I usually feel inspired to make fan-art of my favourite artists:  be it musicians, fashion models, Instagram influencers or even YouTubers. I allow myself to recreate their poses, use their style and main personality traits. I try as much as I can to not make an exact copy, but instead an "expression" of their style.

When I was younger, my imagination was intact, there was not as much technology available and inspiration mainly came from television and comics. Even music was popular in the physical form of CDs, which gave me a great appreciation for CD cover art. During this time, my head was free to imagine, without the constant information overload we get nowadays.

Growing up with fewer resources,  I came up with my own techniques. This is how I learned to use myself for reference. I could look in the mirror, or simply look at my hands, or my face, or people around me. It was a time where I managed to observe and practice drawing i…

The Fool- How to hide mistakes

Hello again, I thought I would share this project with you. I want to show my process of working with a pen. Sometimes I make the mistake of not making an initial pencil sketch before I start "inking". The reason why I make this mistake (to be honest is a conscious bad decision) is because I use this method for practicing my pen skill and also work on my creative problem-solving. 
Feel free to try this method: no pencil and no eraser. Straight up Ink, high chance to make mistakes but also a high chance to learn from your struggle to fix them. I have been doing this since forever, and It taught me a lot about my patience and drawing style. 
When I drew the character I made a mistake with the anatomy, making the leg a bit "out of place". I used the background to blend the extra lines to the point it is camouflaged with the overall illustration. Once I coloured the image digitally you can barely see it. 
I hope you find this method interesting. Don't feel discour…

The Eagle Hunter

Some determined and brave individuals go out hunting for savage animals,  and here I am,  hunting for "likes". I know it's dumb to compare these two very different situations, but I think it's funny to make this useless comparison because I know some artists can relate.

I am not a popular artist but I have around 600 followers on my facebook page, and I try to keep myself active in my own community. I keep my art alive by gifting my illustrations to my closest friends, I sell my artwork at very economic prices, I create and keep in rotation, I developed a system where I try not to keep too many originals with me because they are better off in display in someone's wall. Art for me is therapy, the more I draw, the more creative I become. Gifting my art to someone feels better than keeping it to myself.

Here is an illustration of a couple days ago. It's part of the character design challenge group on facebook. It has only received 5 likes so far. I am proud of t…

Colour Adjustments for Illustrations- Enhancing colours in Adobe Photoshop

Hi there! I am sharing my editing process for my scanned/digitalized illustrations. I drew Spanish musician and producer Bad Gyal. I wanted to draw her for a while, and I finally did it! I hope I will be able to make more drawings of her in the future.  What inspires me about her? Probably her original use of auto-tune, dance-hall beats, her independence and outstanding confidence. If you want to learn more about her, peep her work at

This illustration was edited with 2 Adobe Photoshop adjustments that to me are essential when re-touching colours. I used colour pencils in my original drawing, therefore, some colours get washed out once scanned. Editing helps me bring out the colours and also play with different variations. It's fun to play with colours until you feel happy with the outcome, the only downside about this is that you can spend hours deciding. If you are an indecisive person, make sure you time yourself!

Please be advised, I will go over my e…

New blog, who's this?

Ok, somehow the other day I stumbled upon the idea to start recording my illustration work again and figure out a way to slowly quit social media. I am playing with the idea of finally creating a space where people can share with me the love of illustration. I find myself struggling with my creative work due to my lack of control and overexposure to the online world, "let me look on Instagram for some inspiration before I start drawing..." ends up equaling to me looking at Instagram for hours and being unproductive.
I am not sure if a lot of illustrators still use Blogger but I had an account that dates back to 2009 and it actually helped my emo teenage-self record some important life events. I am hoping having a Blogger will help my emo adult-self. 
 My main goal is to focus on my artwork, explore new mediums, share ideas, materials, techniques and thoughts. I want to slowly cut off my ties with social media, especially because the idea of having my artwork exposed to the int…